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Salamku !

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Soalan Susah nie! HAHAH!!

    The Rules are :
                               # You must post the rules
                               # Each person must post eleven things about themselves in their
                                  journal .
                               # Answer the question the tagger set for you in their post and
                                  create eleven new question for the people you were tagged to
                               # You have to choose eleven people to tag and link them to the
                               # Go to their page andtell them you have been tagged him/her .
                               # No tag backs
                               # No stuff in tagging section about 'You are tagged if you reading
                                  this you legitimately a.k.a ( really trust , with all honestly) have
                                  to tag 11 people .

Eleven things about me :
  2. I love Nasri Wajdi my youngest bro .
  3. I'm obsessed with Mohamad Affeeyan Abu Hassan .
  4. Tak suka marah - marah . 
  5. Suka pendam perasaan .
  6. Susah nk lupakan orang yang saya sayang . 
  7. Tak suka jalan - jalan .
  8. Suka duduk rumah je .
  9. Sensitif .
  10. Saya cepat rasa nak nangis . 
  11. Dan last sekali yang terpenting saya sayang Iyati Bakar sangat3333333333!!!!!!!!!!

SmileyCentral.comQuestions from her : 
now semua dah terjawab :)
thanks for eizscist.

  • Do you like my blog ? why ? : i like your blog . . coz your blog so cute .. not too hurt my eyes with bright colour.. u did it well.. <3  

  • What the best words you like to hear from the person you love? :  Dear.. now, im totally ready for you... will you marry me ? hhoho...best3333..heheh.. :)      
  • What do you want the most in your life? : succeed in life in the world and afterlife..  

  • Have you ever hate someone ?  none .

  • Who's your role model ?  any person who has sccessfully in their life .

  • Did you do your prayer enough ? err... smetimes nope !

  • What is your favourite food ? seafood .

  • The best moment you never forget ? when i felt loved .

  • Things that will make you angry of it ? when other people try to ruin my family .

  •  Would you be my followers ? yup ! why not .
Questions created by me : 
  • Do you have a pet?
  • So , What its name?
  • What is your fav subject at secondary school?
  • Where is your village?
  • Which one the best for you ( boyfriends or friends ) ?
  • Which places the most you like?
  • What is the best thing in your life?
  • What is the most embarrasing thing in your life?
  • Are you still sleeping with your mom?
  • Do you hate me for asking these questions?
  • Can you be my friends?

 bye !

*this blog cant right click. . if you want copy these questions press ctrl + c for copy and ctrl + v  for paste .

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